New Year’s Resolution #1 (and all subsequent numbers): Nap more.

If only, if only… maybe one day. I suppose being busy is a blessing. A relentless, high blood pressure blessing. We finished off 2016 wrapping the Lifetime movie “Be My Baby.” Not a month later, we’re in preproduction for the 2nd Lifetime movie, set to begin principle photography in March.

There’s nothing more rewarding than proving to people outside of New Mexico just how capable, talented, and eager we are to make awesome film & TV in NM! We’re doing everything we can to bring more and better work to NM from other places, and that’s only possible because of the vast pool of talent and integrity here!

In addition to the films we’re helping with, we also have a new film in the uPUBLIC production offices on 3rd St. Written by Max Martini, “Wil Gardner,” will be shooting in town as well, with the 2014 Script Pipeline International Screenwriting finalists!

These are just the film related things going on! Stay tuned for more happening at uPUBLIC & ways to get involved in all the awesome.