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Our ADR is Going Next Level

After much wire-fidgeting and net tests, we have a fully integrated ADR setup. Skyping with Canadian director on screen, we have actors in to do their re-recording of film audio, mixed & directed in real time. Pretty cool!

City Watch is coming!

City Watch is a show we been eager to produce for years, and it’s finally time! Headed up by staff producer Shaun Riley, & hosted by resident/poet extraordinaire Hakim Bellamy, we’re in the early stages of situating this show to be behind the scenes access to the issues that define Albuquerque.

Too many times we find that as citizens, our voices aren’t heard, but even more often we discover how cumbersome it is to stay in the loop of local information & political developments! This show aims to shed light on the inner workings of local government, hear from the residents who have something to say, and break down hard-to-understand issues clearly and fairly.

It’s an open conversation with the people IN the city to the people RUNNING the city. It’s a message, “The people are paying attention.”

Music Video Time!


We had a blast with this music video this past weekend!  The whole shoot was shot on an anamorphic lens at our downtown studios.

Directed by Michael Mellas, Director of Photography was Jesse Heidenfeld, and other awesomeness by Allan Hrynick, Daniel Dinning, John Padilla and of course the BAND.

Check out some behind the scenes stuff here, and stay tuned for updates on its release!

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Jumping into 2017 at a Run

New Year’s Resolution #1 (and all subsequent numbers): Nap more.

If only, if only… maybe one day. I suppose being busy is a blessing. A relentless, high blood pressure blessing. We finished off 2016 wrapping the Lifetime movie “Be My Baby.” Not a month later, we’re in preproduction for the 2nd Lifetime movie, set to begin principle photography in March.

There’s nothing more rewarding than proving to people outside of New Mexico just how capable, talented, and eager we are to make awesome film & TV in NM! We’re doing everything we can to bring more and better work to NM from other places, and that’s only possible because of the vast pool of talent and integrity here!

In addition to the films we’re helping with, we also have a new film in the uPUBLIC production offices on 3rd St. Written by Max Martini, “Wil Gardner,” will be shooting in town as well, with the 2014 Script Pipeline International Screenwriting finalists!

These are just the film related things going on! Stay tuned for more happening at uPUBLIC & ways to get involved in all the awesome.

Hiding out in China

When we told Rick what we were going to do with the footage that we brought back from our late 2015 Documentary Trip to China and Myanmar this is the face he made. With that in mind, you should be very excited to see it as we release the clips. Stay tuned, search for tags “ChinaDoc”.  In the background is the Stone Forest in Southwestern China, a truly beautiful backdrop. (Stone Forest Images).  Dan

Rick Kunming


Brothers in Law – Pajama Men (pics)

Welcome to uPUBLIC Studios Pajama Men… For the past 10 years, cult live double act the Pajama Men (Shenoah Allen and Mark Chavez) have been considered one of the most innovative, exciting and influential sketch acts working in live comedy. Having racked up numerous awards in the North America, The UK and Australia, and enough five star reviews to fill a small galaxy, they have been heralded time and time again as a masterclass in sketch and character comedy…. Now we want to welcome back Shenoah and Mark to Albuquerque.

Support their Kickstarter Here


Here are some approved on set pics from Brothers in Law.



















Film-making Warriors headed to Taos! (video)

Our crew of eight film-making warriors are headed to Taos Ski Valley to cover the ABQid Ski Lift Pitch contest. We are bringing live-edit workstations, cameras, an aerial rig, and open and creative minds. Tune in as we release 5 real-time videos over the next two days covering the event.

Check out the events website: