Sometimes, when a cause resonates, we feel compelled to help out by creating visibility for it. 

There’s a lot of good going on out there; all you need to do is look for it. Or create it yourself with our help!

Prosum Roasters

This video highlights a local coffee business that does more than fair trade.

“Prosum” in Latin means “To do good”, and these business owners embrace their name fully as they get behind programs that benefit the communities that their coffee comes from.


Ciqlovia is an annual event that blocks off a route through ABQ streets and lets the participants ride through on anything with wheels.

It’s a fun event with a lot of community support, so we decided to add our two cents to the mix and help them promote it.

Desert Forge


Desert Forge is a nonprofit that helps combat veterans venture into farming as business.

Witness an amazing partnership as several local farms host the veterans for training and provide water and electricity, and Desert Forge supplies the manpower. 

How Good Gets Done (part 1)

We felt that this campaign was a clever way to advertise a business and also actually help someone out.

The owner of a car lot wanted to give a car away to a family or person in need. Viewers were prompted to nominate someone who they felt was already working to give back to the community.

How Good Gets Done (part 2)

The giveaway campaign was a success and a vehicle was presented to the winner!


Arturo Olivas, a terminal cancer patient who used his car to deliver food to homeless people, couldn’t have been more worthy of receiving this gift after his car stopped running.

Frontline Resources: GoFundMe

A fundraising video for a nonprofit aid agency was a no-brainer for us.

Devastating earthquake activity in southeast Asia prompted a need for aid to thousands of displaced people.

Exodo Orphanage in El Salvador

Children in need? We’re totally there.

“Orphan” isn’t a word we’re used to experiencing here in the states, but in El Salvador there are many children who long for a family and this video details the effort to make adoption an easier option for prospective parents.

Exodo Orphanage: SplashDodge

Orphans + water + spongeballs = Mayhem!

It’s not all big, heavy feels all the time. Sometimes you just have to let kids do what they do best and pelt each other in a free-for-all.

Massive Cinema Promo

We had all the ingredients on hand to create a compelling piece for a local event.

Like a girl, a dark parking garage, two sketchy dudes, and a sinister car?