The ultimate challenge of any commercial project is digging down to the core of what problem a client is seeking to solve. Once that’s established, we’re off and running! Nothing is more fun than brainstorming with our creative team, dreaming up the most engaging and informative way to bring a client’s message to the public. 

ABQ to do Campaign

This campaign was commissioned to drive traffic to the city’s activity site,

We had fun with this one– animating, voicing, and scoring each crazy idea of what these wacky cartoon letters were doing. Categories included Recreation, Music, Food, and Culture, all of which direct residents to the vast array of activities right here in Albuquerque, happening all the time!

ABQ Heading home "2 Sides" spot

Albuquerque Heading Home seeks to get homeless people into homes.

We are proud to work with such an amazing organization. Heading Home has gotten hundreds of homeless people off the streets and into housing. In this spot, we focused on how a homeless situation might affect a young child. Produced along with Parallax Vision Films.

La Noche Encantada

Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce commissioned us to promote their annual event.

The largest black tie gala, with this year’s theme of Havana, Cuba. This spot was shot in one frenetic and fantastic night with choreographed steadicam moves, a dance party with a Cuban band, and some fancy lenses that Parallax Vision Films supplied.

ABQ ID Ski Lift Pitch Contest

ABQ ID is a business startup incubator that had a fun idea.

Do a business pitch, to venture capitalists, in the time it takes to ride a ski lift up the mountain at Taos Ski Valley. While literally on the ski lift. There’s some pretty amazing footage in this spot, too.

Williams Designer Builders

Jared Williams came to us with a slew of great houses and no way to show them off.

This is an example of one of our more straightforward spots: Point the camera at pretty things, make them look even prettier, script the piece for simplicity and to hit all the necessary marks. Result: Happy client.

Isleta Resort & Casino

Isleta Casino contracted TV spots to feature their changing monthly promotions.

These mostly animated spots often combined live action, sound effects design, voice talent, and working closely with the client to make sure that the fun of their promotions was being communicated.


Oh internets, you make coordinating complicated things so much easier.  

With ComboTrip’s app you can make trips with a lot of moving parts happen very easily, and this spot shows off how a scenario like that might play out.

Casino at the Downs

Casino at the Downs had a massive upgrade to their facilities and wanted to show it off.

With a fancy new space and central location, we used a drone to showcase the outside and a fun couple to experience the inside along with.

The Egg & I

No branding? No problem!  

Lacking much of their own branding, we took cues from the existing look of their restaurant and print and built a theme around it to turn a situation with little direction into a fun, great-looking piece.

Le Chantilly

French name + French food = fun French music

Le Chantilly has a whole lot of deliciousness going on in their part-deli, part-bakery, all-French restaurant.


You want classy? We can do classy.

Embers was looking for a cool modern jazzy vibe to bring to their spots and we hit the nail on the head after we shot at their impressive restaurant.


How about a short, stylish social media piece?

21 Flowers got a beautiful treatment that nicely showcases their work.