There are no two ways about it: events are HARD! But they’re challenging in the best way possible. Nothing is more satisfying than condensing all your production expertise into those singular, special events, rolling with the setbacks, and ending up with ecstatic clients and a joyful (albeit exhausted) team. It’s the steady marathon, ending with a wild sprint, and we LOVE IT!

La Noche Encantada

Theme: HAVANA!


From collaborating with the AHCC on the script for the evening, to months of planning the event and developing graphics, this annual black tie gala was a fabulous testament to teamwork (and what can be accomplished with no sleep and an abundance of coffee). Hundreds of people collaborated to make this event a night to remember!

Toni & Guy

The Hairdressing Academy’s fashion shows are so cool you won’t believe they happen here.

We struck up a wonderful partnership with Toni & Guy, who provide makeup resources for some of our ongoing shows, so we return the favor by covering their stylistically ambitious, avant-garde fashion shows.

Diamonds and Denim

“Anything in life worth doing is worth overdoing”

Mike Grandjean is an outlandish personality who doesn’t like to do anything unless it’s done BIG– in this case, his wife’s secret surprise 50th birthday bash. He conscripted us to follow him around and document the event, which turned out to be a wild ride and a fascinating snapshot of one crazy day.


Ideas Worth Sharing… In Albuquerque.

This annual event gets bigger, more complex, and more stylistically brilliant every year and we love working with the TEDx volunteers and the talented Popejoy staff. Nothing is more intellectually exhilarating than hearing brilliant ideas from leaders in their field, right here in town!