Whether we’re producing web content, a show, or actually teaching students in the Running Start for Careers program, we want it to be fun. And that’s easier than it sounds. What’s more fun than bringing your ideas and imagination to life?! We give people of all ages the skills they need to succeed in this industry, as well as support others’ efforts to strengthen education in other areas.

Running Start for Careers

A glimpse into the wild world of preparing high school students to enter into the film industry.

With high school students at the helm (conducting interviews, manning the cameras) this promo answers many questions and also asks: Who’s in charge here??

Mountain Mahogany Community School

A profile of a charter school that has an approach that deviates from the norm.


Mountain Mahogany has gone from a dirt lot to a thriving school with a focus on play and hands-on experience as teaching.

No Joke Survival

Preparations for the Average Family


You don’t need to be a “doomsday prepper” to benefit from this essential survival knowledge. With helpful tips, scenarios tested out in the field, interesting guests, and fun competitive games, the show’s hosts instruct how to prepare for the unexpected.

Landscaping Southwest

The Southwest provides a unique opportunity for unconventional landscape projects.


Producer Kyle Carr takes advantage of New Mexico’s special climate to educate us on xeriscape, water conservation, desert landscaping, and features local gardening businesses and services.