Music seems to be the one thing that defies boundaries, triggering emotions, passions and memories like nothing else can. We support the thriving music scene here in Albuquerque with shows and music videos spotlighting all the massive talent that surrounds us. Our cup runneth over!

Gold House Sessions

Musicians captured in raw live performances with a uniquely artsy visual style.

“Gold House Sessions is a DIY low/no budget video series featuring amazing performances from touring musical acts and the best Albuquerque locals.”

Indie Scene

Come hang out in the Indie Scene basement and see some of the hottest bands perform live.

This series has music videos, a segment called “The List”– a snarky review of the music industry, and live performances by incredibly talented musicians. 


Jazz is alive and well in New Mexico, and this series proves it.

A-Alive explores the exciting world of local live jazz music featuring the hottest performers and venues, statewide.

909 Sessions

Locally produced, and lovingly adapted for uPUBLIC stations, 909 Sessions is truly a musical gem.

The who’s who of local talent comes to show off in this intimate space.