Studies recently show that reality television actually enhances viewers’ empathy. And we know that EVERYONE has a personal story to tell. We love bringing an honest and heartfelt perspective to your journeys. There are so many ways to express a given subject, and we love discovering them with people.



The Producer

This show was an inspiring combination of contests, collaborations, creativity and education.

Watch as contestants flex their musical muscles for the chance to win the opportunity of a lifetime with LA producer Jean-Michel Soupraya!

uROCK Albuquerque

Nothing beats reality TV that showcases your own town!


These crazy guys will open the doors to everything there is to do in Albuquerque. It’s easy to forget how much there is right outside your door. We know, it can be scary to leave the house. So we’ve taken the guess work out of the equation. Sit back and watch Stevo and Joey do all the exploring for you, and when they give you the green light? Get out there and have that fun!

Independent Producer's Network

Reality is YOUR STORY!

When the media isn’t getting it quite right, sometimes you have to take it into your own hands! No one can tell your story like you can. And it’s our job to give you the technical and artistic skills to do just that. We all need a voice in our hometowns, and we give you the perfect platform to use it!

Caution Tape

PODCASTS!!! Nothing’s more raw and real than that.


Caution Tape is one of many podcasts produced with us. Uncut. Hilarious. Informative. In a world of tweets, sound bites, and headlines, sometimes you need to dig deeper. Full conversations, debates, and no shortage of opinions. LONG LIVE THE PODCAST!