Comedy and Satire

The “business argument” for satirical pieces is that they provide a good platform to deal with difficult topics like underage drug use or political corruption.  Comedy can also be an effective tool to engage viewers and dial them in to your message. 

The truth, however, is that everything we do is infused with a bit of uPUBLIC cheekiness.

uRock - The "ding" reels

Y’know outtakes? Well, this show had plenty.


Whether it was sheer irreverence, us being consciously insolent, or just not caring due to exhaustion, our uRock boys had enough “slip-ups” to make a whole new show.

Deal of the Day

Businesses who did this Groupon-style push with us were changed forever.

And with good reason. After Dave sings a parody song about you that he wrote 20 minutes prior, how could you ever go back to normal life?


This social media video was produced to compliment a TV campaign targeted at underage drinking.


If Russian Vodka could talk… to kids.. about drinking… he might sound a lot like this annoying guy.  This guy’s not cool, and that’s kind of the point.